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We can help you create an authentic learning experience for
every student taking a fitness focus course (PAF) by helping you 
solve these common frustrations:

   •  Explain the numerous fitness appraisals that you can use

  • How to implement and monitor daily physical assessments

  • How to start a course.  What might the first two weeks look like?

  • How to know what you are doing is working

  • Support you with video content of mobility enhancement
    exercises and trigger point techniques

  • Providing you with on-going support after the course is over


The course will give you the tools and resources needed to design effective training programs


The comprehensive manual of over 200 pages will include proven and effective day to day protocols

online access

Retaining all of the info from one day is overwhelming. You will have access to all the video material at any time!


Putting a lot of minds together will generate new and creative ideas to overcome similar challenges

a bigger toolbox

Provide you with  proven finishers and  exercise challenges that have been used by both classes and teams.


meet the instructor

Rob Pacas

Recently retired from the TDSB where he spent the last 20+ years training athletes in the BEAP program at Birchmount Park CI. Rob taught AQ courses through the University of Toronto and now at York University. He's a repeat presenter on numerous fitness topics for OFSSA, OPHEA, and various Boards of Education. Rob is also the founder of Pro1Fit Inc.

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