about the course

Dear Teachers,


The Blueprint for Teaching course is aimed at giving teachers some valuable resources to aid in teaching the PAF Fitness Focus course.  


Fitness focus classes are sky rocketing and being offered as early as Grade 9 in some schools.  As a group of teachers, we don’t share best practices enough.  There are always unique aspects within each school, but the resources offered in this course are extremely user friendly.  The course offers access to video’s that can be watched repeatedly after the course concludes.


This course travels well, and I would love to come to your school and share some of the information I have gathered. 

what to expect

The Blueprint for Teaching Fitness in High Schools Course will allow each teacher to take away:

  • A well laid out plan to deliver the entire PAF course

  • An extensive resource package including numerous program design template

  • Advanced mobility techniques

  • Exercise coaching and cueing tips

  • Detailed performance related fitness appraisals and standards for each appraisal

  • A blueprint on how students will be able to grow going from one PAF course to another.  A student can carry a physical assessment from course to course knowing their best interests are being looked after

  • Video content that will support the teacher well after the course is over


In teaching the Blueprint course across Ontario, I have not come across any two schools or two situations that are identical.  Here are some of the facts that change the experience for teachers and students within any fitness focus (PAF) course;

  • Facility. (Access to a gym throughout the week?)

  • How many students in the class.

  • Equipment available, and type of equipment. (machines vs. portable options)

  • Type of student in the class.  Motivated or just a class that has room in it?

  • Time of the day when class is offered.

  • Experience of the teacher.

  • Health topics taught and how often health is taught.  (Once a week vs. a 2-week block)

    • Semester vs. non-semester courses.

    • Budgets and budget for repairs to equipment.


Many of these factors can’t be changed and vary from school to school.  The Blueprint for Teaching Fitness in High Schools course is to provide enough resources to allow each student taking a PAF or fitness focus course to have a unique and customized program.


In combination with DTS Education, the teacher, parent or coach leaving the course will be armed with tremendous resources and video content to alleviate many of their frustrations.  The on-going support and being placed in a Private group will allow the learning to continue far after the course ends. 


The best courses aren’t driven by technology, but by human connection.  There are numerous testimonials that can be viewed that express this statement.  Never ever should you forget or underestimate the POWER OF A TEACHER.