Christine Frielink

Co-Head of Health & Physical Education

John F. Ross CVI, GuElph

"Everyone was buzzing at the end of the day. I think you've given us a lot of great ideas, and it was done in a way that was much less intimidating to those in the group who have less experience teaching fitness. You opened people up to new ideas and ways of doing things, and you gave us so many great tools for how to reach students of differing abilities.


I bragged about how good you were to the department when I was telling them about this workshop, and you didn't let me down. This was my third time with you and it didn't disappoint. I may be in touch with some questions/seeking some advice over the next little while. I've already spoken with my admin team and they've agreed to let us have a half day to work on next steps.


Anyway...enjoy your weekend, and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your passion with our department. I know everyone left with a lot of great ways to enhance their teaching practice."


"The BluePrint for Teaching Fitness course was engaging and completely worthwhile for any new or existing PAF teachers. Rob's wealth of experience and passion was evident throughout the entire course. I left the day with loads of resources and ideas that I will immediately apply into my daily teaching practice. Highly recommended."

ted temertzoglou


"Just wanted to thank you for an awesome workshop. It was fantastic. Your approach is clear and easy to implement. Fitness Assessments, Movement Competence, and Exercise Prescription will help more teachers and students succeed in all Health and Physical Education Classes; especially the PAF focused ones. I look forward in sharing with the group many of the best practices long after this course ends. Thanks for a great day."

mATT parfitt

brooklin high school

"The Blueprint for Teaching Fitness course was awesome – Rob’s enthusiasm for teaching fitness is infectious, and the opportunity to learn from him and collaborate with so many other like-minded individuals was incredibly valuable. I know my students will benefit from it, and I would highly recommend the course anyone who teaches PAF. I look forward to being a part of the Pro1Fit community going forward."

Paul salvinetti-john polanyi c.i.

“Simply put, the Blueprint for Teaching PAF should be an essential course for any educator interested in growing and enhancing their program. Most importantly, the lessons learned are actionable and can be implemented soon thereafter. From the unique warm-up games, to the in-depth assessments and finally a solid foundation for program design, Rob Pacas has designed a seminar that challenges your training philosophy, encourages growth and is a day that I cannot recommend enough!”

Carly harrison

eastdale cvi

"To start, I would just have to say that I really enjoyed the course. The fact that it was a nice small class provided quite a few benefits. For example, it allowed everyone the opportunity to work in small groups with different people or at least create a bond with a few individuals. As well, we really got to know what was going on at different schools through that brief introduction of everyone and throughout the rest of the day through conversation.

As you know from your past sessions that you have put on, I really enjoy the positive and energetic spin you have when introducing any of your ideas. This shows us how important it is to you and how much you believe in what you are showing us. All of the mini games that you can do with simple equipment, as well as the homemade pieces are beneficial to all who attend. I have not walked away from one of your sessions without you introducing me to a new game or activity.

The use of the bands was definitely excellent, as that is something that can easily be incorporated into a weight room and something we are looking at in the upcoming year. Finally getting a book full of activities and assessments was perfect for me to go back to my department and share."